Hunter + Bud

This past weekend I had the pleasure to capture this couple’s engagement in Brechin, Ontario! We lucked out with gorgeous weather and had a wonderful afternoon together laughing and getting these beautiful shots!


Hunter runs her own vlog and was so kind to incorporate the this engagement session into it! You can check out the video and her channel below!


Nicole & Chris ♡

Sweet doesn’t even begin to describe this couple! They are so in love and their adorableness could make you say ‘awee’ all day long! I hope you enjoy this gallery as much as I enjoyed spending time photographing these two


The ‘Why’ Behind The ‘Passion’

I’ve been asked before, “Why are you a photographer”?
And my first response is “Because it’s my passion!”
But really friends, there are so many more reasons I am a photographer that equal why photography it is my passion.
I am a photographer because I get to capture memories that will last on forever.
I love capturing the beauty in the most significant days in our lives, and the beauty in the most ordinary days of our lives.
I am a photographer because there is nothing like giving back a wedding album and watching a bride cry, re-living the day she married the love of her life.
I am photographer because I have a passion to capture emotions that others will feel by looking at my photographs, even years later.
I love what I do, and am lucky enough to call my job my passion.

An Orillia Engagement

C & D are so in love, and show it in the sweetest way!
I loved having the opportunity to capture their winter engagement and look forward to capturing their summer wedding! Here are a few of the featured images!


Five Tips When Preparing For Your Engagement Session

  1. Get Inspired!

    Remember, this is YOUR engagement session! Not a generic, everyday quick snap of the camera. But rather, a session to reflect you and your fiance as a couple in a season of life full of anticipation!
    I suggest to look through engagement blogs, use #engaged on Instagram, Pinterest, and most of all talk with your photographer! Let you photographer get to know you! The better your photographer knows you, the better they will be at finding locations that suit you and your partner and ultimately deliver you pictures that will reflect your love story beautifully!


  2. What To Wear

    Have a summer dress hanging in your closet that you’ve been DYING to wear? Put it on! Have a ball gown for the special occasion of getting your engagement photographs taken? Wear that! You’re a blue jeans and white t-shirt kind of couple? Sounds great!
    Wear clothing that you are comfortable in, and suits you as a couple and suits the location of where you are planning to have your engagement photographs taken.

    ** Tip: Having your engagement photographs taken is the PERFECT time for your hair & make up trials!

  3. What Not To Wear

    Uncomfortable clothing! There is nothing worse than tugging, pulling. sitting strange and walking funny all because your outfit is uncomfortable! Ultimately if you are uncomfortable, that will be conveyed in your photographs.. and that is the LAST thing I want you to have to remember from your engagement session!

    Other things to avoid:
    – Large logos/writing
    – Neon colors
    – Polarized glasses
    – Plaid on plaid (Some patterns are nice, but too many can be overwhelming!)


  4. Bring Personal Items!

    Make this shoot your own! Bring items that personalize your shoot such as:

    – Accessories: Your favorite pair of earrings, your Grandfathers pocket knife, the first letter you wrote to each other. Bring items that are meaningful and that you would want to be captured and remembered for a lifetime!
    – Things that reflect your personal style: Coffee lovers? Let’s have some coffee and get you with your favorite cup of joe for a couple shots! Maybe you’re a farmer? Let’s get some shots of you in your favorite old ball cap!

    Whatever reflects you, in a bold or gentle way – bring it with you!



    This is my fifth and most important tip when preparing for your engagement photos.

    If you come to your engagement session after a long day of work and applied your makeup in the car while your fiance drove 10km over the speed limit to make it on time.. You are NOT going to be relaxed, but rushed.
    Rather, I suggest to spend the day together before you engagement session. Go to your favorite spot, spend time talking, go for a walk together. Do whatever makes you feel close and connected to your partner.
    Remember, whatever emotions you are sharing with your partner will be captured and reminisced for a lifetime.


When you’re in love with what you do.. do it often & with a great amount of joy! And that is how I view my job as a Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer!

• Anna & her fiancé Ryan were an absolute pleasure to photograph this afternoon. I loved watching how well these two knew each other, especially how Ryan could make Anna laugh without even saying a word!




Can I tell you something?

Well, here it is. I am no good at writing. When God made me He gave me the gift of creativity.. behind the lens. This on paper stuff, I’m no expert.
BUT here I am doing it! So please, be kind?

Why am I doing this then you may ask? Well, because I love what I do and I want to give you the chance to get to know me!So here are 10 things you may not know about me:

1. I am 100% obsessed with coffee.

2. I am 5′ 11″ + 3/4″ tall.. (which is NOT quite 6′ 😉 )

3. My fiance proposed to me in the barn, beside cows and goats on Christmas Eve.. and it was PERFECT.

4. Sometimes I still eat coffee and ice cream at 2:00am watching romantic comedies with my best-friend.

5. For some odd reason I detest the number four.. glad we’re past that one!
6. I currently work 80+ hours a week at two different jobs to try to make photography my full-time career.

7. I grew up with three brothers and one sister. We were all born within the span of 6 years.

7. I’ve never lived a day without learning at least one thing.

8. My first vehicle was a 1991 Dodge Dakota

9. I have dimples in my cheeks that are so big they hold chocolate chips (thanks mom for discovering that skill..)

10. I am a sucker for a good love story

So, there it is my very first blog post! Hopefully not too painful?

Thank you so much for stopping by & taking the time to read.
I would love to hear from you! Feel free to drop me a note!

Love, Nicole